A little over two years on, a new catchphrase is here starring Papu Gomez : "Lavora Como el Papu!"

From November 18th, many of you will have noticed the video published and shared on all the official social media channels of the legendary Atalanta player who, once again, demonstrates his great warmth and self-effacing wit.

We all remember him in the spring of 2017, when, with the song "Baila Como El Papu" - conceived by Autogol with Dj Matrix (Ricky Jo Voice) - he drove the web and the official channels of Autogol crazy with well over 42.9 million views.

The Papu Dance became viral and everyone danced it!

The Autogol together with Dj Matrix and Papu Gomez scored a "Goal".

Well, apparently, here we go again!



And this time, the winning combination returns with the U Power brand of safety shoes and workwear.

In the new clip, Papu reworks the jingle with a chorus that is immediately unforgetable: "Lavora Como el Papu" (Work like the Papu).

And it offers up a challenge for all of you that wear U-POWER branded shoes or work clothes. But what is Papu's challenge?

Before finding out, here are some U-POWER backstage photos where the Papu models different outfits designed with builders, electricians, painters, etc in mind.




Take up the Papu challenge!

Put on your U-POWER work clothes and shoes. Now, watch the clip "Lavora Como El Papu", learn the moves by yourself or with friends and post your video with an Instagram story tagging U-POWER #upower #lavoracomoelpapu.

Are you ready? Send us your story !!

Lavora Como El Papu, with U-POWER!


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