We have revolutionised the concept of safety shoes!
A new fabric; extremely strong, highly protective and extremely lightweight.
PUTEK is the technological innovation that goes beyond the concept of protection.


Hypertex system

Discover what makes it so unique and durable!
Laboratory tests have shown exceptional results: a typically robust fabric would achieve an average abrasion resistance of 51 thousand cycles, where Hypertex reaches and exceeds 1 million cycles!

We go beyond the

required standards

Do you know what this means?
It means that it resists well over 950 thousand cycles more than any normal fabric, even the best fabric available on the market. Can
you imagine what level of durability this innovative fabric can give to your safety shoes?



But that’s not enough!
We wanted to go beyond standard testing and so we subjected Hypertex to the EN 388 abrasion trials expected of work gloves, the item of PPE that undergoes the most varied and constant stresses.


The outcome has been amazing: Hypertex has shown a resistance 8 times higher than Cordura 1000, the fabric considered among
the most resistant in the production of safety shoes.


the benefits

PUTEK, with the Hypertex system, transforms your work shoe into a piece of armour, thin, exceptionally light, water-resistant, breathable and extremely flexible with Ripstop technology. Unprecedented resistance!


Maximum resistance, lightness and U-Power quality.


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