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I'm Claudio and I want to talk to you today about a very important range:
The U-Power Red Lion, the only work shoes that return more than 55% of energy with every step.

But let's go into detail

What is Red Lion?

The Red Lion is a line of work shoes suitable for everyone
But especially for  those who are constantly on the move in the workplace.

The plus?

A soft PU sole and the inclusion of BASF's Infinergy®  which returns more than 55% of energy with every step.


Well, let's find out what Infinergy® is!

Infinergy® is a composite material created by BASF for a line  of running shoes that U-Power has inserted into the soles of our safety shoes.

But why choose Infinergy®?
Infinergy® offers: flexibility and lightness
Abrasion resistance
High impermeability
Resistance to temperature variations
And, above all, it returns more than 55% of energy with every step.

The Red Lion line is suitable for everyone but specifically it is suitable for those: kneeling for long periods or crouching
going up and down the stairs repeatedly maintaining the same position for a long time and for those who are constantly on the move.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the "Summer"
A low, comfortable, lightweight shoe.

  • Upper in breathable AIRNET and soft suede
  • Top of the range Safety toe cap AIRTOE ALUMINIUM perforated with breathable membrane
  • Totally "Metal free" anti-perforation midsole
  • Sole: oil-resistant, antistatic, abrasion-resistant and non-slip
  • "Memory + GEL ESD" insole
  • Sole with innovative INFINERGY® system
  • Safety standard: S1P SRC

Therefore, ladies and gents always choose the right protective equipment for your job safety shoes, obviously U-Power, always tightly fastened and if you liked the video: read the article, share it on social media or leave a comment to request more information.

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