When you are required to wear safety shoes for many hours, one of the most frequent problems is the swelling and pain in your feet at the end of the day, especially during the summer, when you feel the heat.

You cannot and, for sure, you must not do without work shoes: they serve to protect your feet from a possible traumatic event or accident at work!


How to solve the problem, then?

You can overcome this difficulty by choosing a quality work shoe that uses materials and technologies designed to safeguard the health of the foot, such as the U-POWER’s one.

The quality of work footwear is due, in addition to the protection characteristics required by the European Legislation, by specific connotations to ensure well-being and comfort which, together with safety, are a fundamental requirement to avoid discomfort and nuisances both during use that at the end of the day.


Requirements such as:

• The shape of the shoe, which must guarantee comfort and optimal support;

• The materials of the upper, which must be designed to ensure proper breathability and ventilation of the foot;

Lightness in terms of weight, so as not to burden the loads on the joints and reduce stress;

• The insole that must be anatomical, breathable, possibly antibacterial and wrap the sole of the foot to reduce the small bumps and pressures to which it is subjected.

A conscious purchase choice is a crucial parameter to ensure protection, safety and avoid swollen and painful feet.

And it is in the function of these particular needs that U-POWER presents you a work shoe unique in its kind: it is ULTRA!

ULTRA is the brand new model of the RED LION line in Protection Class S1P SRC ESD which guarantees safety and absolute freshness.

The unique feature is upper in a brand new innovative wide-textured material that allows the air to pass while maintaining the protective characteristics of an S1P class shoe.



But let's look at in more detail:

Wide-weave mesh upper in innovative material, super breathable Airnet and grey suede leather:
The suede leather composes the upper in the back, top and front of the shoe, ensuring strength and support. In contrast, the side parts and the inserts on the side of the heel in ultra-breathable mesh fabric with a wide texture ensures freshness and maximum breathability.
The effect is comparable to that of work sandals despite being closed footwear in all respects.

• All inner parts corresponding to the suede upper are equipped with Wingtex lining with respirable air tunnel, with micro-cells that absorb and disperse the humidity, to ensure high breathability.

• The toe cap is in Airtoe Aluminum with a breathable membrane that guarantees protection and safety and weighs only 54 gr.!

• The Save & Flex PLUS anti-perforation system, totally "Metal-free", is much lighter than the classic steel insoles and is flexible and safe. In fact, the Save & Flex PLUS insole is sewn directly onto the upper, ensuring 100% protection of the sole of the foot against the 85% protection of the classic steel insole.

Basf Elastopan Memory insole, soft and enveloping, with canalizations and holes that favour air recirculation. The lining fabric is antibacterial, absorbs sweat and allows the foot to always remain dry.

Infinergy® insert, which ensures energy recovery: over 55% more energy at every step!
A concentrate of technology that transforms traditional cushioning into dynamic cushioning able to restoring positive energy: energy is conserved in the adherence to the ground phase and returned in the pushing phase of the foot.

• The thick PU tread is anti-abrasion, oil-proof, non-slip and anti-static.

A unique model of its kind, available only in the RED LION line which, together with the other proposals of U-POWER work shoes, completes the range of summer safety footwear:

SUMMER– S1P SRC ESD with ultra-breathable Airnet® upper and soft grey suede with green sidebands, Airtoe® Aluminum toe cap and Infinergy® system which provides over 55% more energy at every step.
Also available with grey / red sidebands in the FREQUENCY model with Airtoe® composite toe cap;

Upper in soft suede and ultra-breathable Airnet® + RED CARPET technology that stimulates and reactivates blood circulation, helps to reduce back pain, joints, cervical, ensuring high performance in terms of comfort, balance and shocks distribution in the working environment;

With ultra breathable nylon and soft grey suede upper and green sidebands, with RED UP technology which ensures a return of over 40% of energy on the whole surface of the foot.
The model is available in different colours in the ATOS versions, SKAT, DRACO and SKY.

Soft suede and grey super breathable nylon upper with green sidebands and RED CARPET + RED UP technology to ensure energy recovery and health prevention at work.
The model is available in different colours in the ATOS PLUS versions, SKAT PLUS, DRACO PLUS and SKY PLUS.


This summer, don’t suffer needlessly: choose the best, choose U-POWER!

U-POWER, Quality work shoes and clothing.

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