Paris - November 6/8, 2018 - EXPOPROTECTION, the exhibition of prevention and risk management

The Prevention and Risk Management Exhibition, Expoprotection, was held recently in Paris. One of the main meeting points for the presentation of all the news in terms of Research and Security.

Over 400 square meters of stand,s,with music, bars and entertainment.

The perfect opportunity to present the new models and the most innovative technologies, because U-Power always offers the best in terms of protection and comfort.

In the foreground:

- Putek: the new highly performing fabric that has demonstrated a resistance 8 times higher than Cordura 1000, the fabric considered among the most resistant in the production of safety shoes. A real armor, thin, absolutely light, waterproof, breathable and extremely flexible with Ripstop technology. Unprecedented resistance!

- Red-Up: The new line designed with the aim of improving the concept of comfort at work, while maintaining all the characteristics of protection and safety.

The new High Rebound technology in Elastopan is the new revolutionary system that ensures a return of over 40% of energy on its entire surface, both when supporting and pushing the foot. Your energy regenerated and returned in a constant way! Soft and comfortable to give you lightness and well-being, reducing the sense of tiredness and fatigue due to posture and performance.

- Red-Carpet: A safety shoe tailored to all those who are called to work for so many hours in an upright position, without being able to sit down or change their position and with the passing of time develop a sense of fatigue due to standing up. A cutting-edge technology, capable of revitalizing stressed areas. A new material, totally free of harmful substances, able to stimulate and reactivate the blood circulation and give relief to the joints, the loins and the cervical, ensuring high performance in terms of comfort, balance and distribution of shocks in the workplace.

U-Power, always a step forward!

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