To perform well on a job is necessary to have the tools suitable for the profession, interacting correctly way with the environment in which we find ourselves operating. And, of course, in compliance with the European Standards that regulate Safety at Work.

Often, however, we do not realize the importance of the clothes we wear and how much difference they can make, both for our protection and comfort

Imagine a plumber who has to bend continuously. If he wears stiff trousers, he will probably experience a feeling of muscle fatigue and stress to the joints. But, if he wears soft work trousers, in stretch fabric, will make less effort and the legs will benefit.

Work clothing is a device; you should choose it according to the specific needs of using. Therefore, it can change according to the profession, working conditions, the need for a particular degree of protection against humidity, rain, the wind, etc.

In the professional field, it is essential to attribute the right value to work clothes, because they are part of our daily life.

In purchasing, you should never let yourselves be guided only by personal taste. Still, you must take into consideration a whole series of fundamental elements related to the job and the work context.

Our clothing is, in all respects, a work tool: let's not forget it!

And therefore, what is the most suitable material for your particular needs? Which technology can help you to get more comfort?

Comfort and resistance are two determining parameters that apply to all types of work:

• We wear work clothes for many hours a day. Therefore we must ensure a comfortable condition so as not to disturb our attention and concentration, minimizing disturbing factors;

• The resistance is not only related to the durability of the garment. Work clothes are our first safety barrier, and the innovative fabric and technologies used can make a big difference to our well-being and protection.

Our working day can lead us - for example - to frequent movements (on public transport, from the office to the production department, etc.), to work outdoors, in contact with oils and chemicals. It takes, therefore, a work suit that adapts and is suitable for particular work needs.

Let's look at some sectors more closely.



If you work in the field of building, you are a bricklayer or otherwise often work on-site, the main requirement is to have at hand the necessary tools of your profession.

The abundance of pockets, therefore, becomes a primary necessity and clothing must meet these needs. The fit must be optimal to avoid hindrance in movements; and, the fabric must be particularly resistant to face all the pitfalls and potential dangers of the construction site itself.

For those who work in the construction, U-POWER offers: 

Extremely comfortable Cargo Pants in TC Stretch with Slim Fit and accentuated back yoke for more excellent protection of the lumbar area, shaped knees, stretch waistband and red/reflective tape on the back loop.

CRAZY has numerous pockets:

• Two large multifunctional side pockets with poly oxford reinforcement and red/reflective strips on the flap;

• Two front pockets;

• Two back pockets, one with flap and red/reflective strips and one with Velcro safety closure.

CRAZY is ideal for all those who work on-site but also in agriculture, for installers and fitters and warehouseman.



Are you a professional mechanic, a tire repair shop, working in contact with lubricants, oils and grease?

In your case, workwear resistant to abrasion and stains is essential.

In the machine shop, you don’t only wear work overalls or dungarees. Often those who work in the workshop also wear practical and comfortable vests that offer numerous pockets and additional protection.

For those who work in the workshop, U-POWER recommends its SATURN and WAVE models, two vests rich in details. Let's see them closer:


SATURN is the work vest from the Performance line in U-4 way stretch fabric and with protection treatment against electromagnetic waves Besafe very comfortable, resistant and soft on the skin. It is water-repellent, breathable and quick-drying.

It has two front pockets, a cell phone pocket on the chest with zip, Free Sound technology and two large inside pockets.

The shaped bottom and the reflex tape on the collar in the back ensure excellent fit and visibility.

SATURN is ideal for those who work in the workshop, for artisans in general, for the construction and building industry, gardening and agriculture.



WAVE, on the other hand, is a work vest in stretch cotton canvas with two large front pockets, a multifunctional chest pocket and velcro adjustment on the bottom.

The model has a red/reflective strip on the back of the collar and with a YKK zip.

It is the perfect vest for machine shop use but also transport and logistics, for artisans and the Service and Industry Sector.



If you have to work in a highly dangerous environment such as the road, you will need to be visible in all weather conditions. Let's talk about U-POWER’s High Visibility clothing. The HI LIGHT line offers a complete range of trousers, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, polo shirts and T-Shirts.

Today, we present to you:


It is a T-shirt with reflective stripes available in yellow or orange fluo colour. The composition of the fabric (50% cotton and 50% polyester) ensures comfort and breathability.

The collar and the sleeve edge are in blue elasticated ribs.

The model is equipped with an internal sweatband and complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN ISO 13688: 2013 and BS EN ISO 20471: 2013 / A1: 2016 (UNI EN ISO 20471: 2017).

MIST is suitable for jobs into the airport, on the railway, in intermodal ports, on the road, in construction and in building industry.

And we must not forget the complements of a perfect working outfit, such as socks!

After all, with safety shoes, it is appropriate to use suitable work socks that help us maintain foot health and prolonged well-being, such as the U-POWER socks of the SKIN line.


WIND is the short work sock in Coolmax. Stretch bands multidimensional graduated compression technology Powerfit with anti-fatigue properties that promote good blood circulation.

These work socks have support bands for the ankles and ventilation channels for optimum breathability. Soks have reinforced heel and toe plus an insert with antistatic properties.The flat seams under the toe ensure excellent comfort.

These socks are particularly suitable for those who work in the Logistics and Industry Sector.

When you buy your workwear, always remember that you are choosing a professional tool. This individual protective device that must guarantee you protection so as your comfort and well-being throughout the course of your working day.


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