U-Power is characterized by the search for the best technologies, essential for your safety at work, without neglecting the uniqueness of Italian design. U-Power technology meets all working requirements, from heavy industry to the most extreme atmospheric conditions.



KEEP DRY membrane is a new concept which, thanks to a highly innovative technology ensures protection from wind, is waterproof and breathable even in the most extreme conditions.



The Technology STORM SHELL technology is designed to keep the body safe and dry even in the most adverse weather conditions: comfort and protection at all times.



COMBAT is a system of reinforcement in the hem of the trousers using a special anti-abrasive material. Protecting the cloth in environments where elements such as water, cement etc.. putting an extra strain on the traditional working fabrics.



It is a fabric made of flexible and light materials, able to shield and block the electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones. Ainsi BESAFE offers better body protection against risks to human health from electromagnetic pollution.



POWERFIT is a high-performing fabric introduced into material of the product offering graduated compression, ensuring better blood circulation and improving the cool-down as a result of scientific research. POWERFIT is made with seamless technology, for maximum comfort.



Allowing the wearer to use the touch screens on smartphones and tablets without compromising safety and security in the workplace, through a special conductive fibre inserted within the index finger.Les gants TAP&TOUCH gloves are compatible with all touch screen devices.



Prolonged exposure to sunlight, may be harmful. Clothing with U-POWER UV BLOCK protection gives a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 40 +. We tested our garments according to the international standard UNI EN 13758-1:2007.



FREE POCKET is designed, offering maximum capacity within regular sized pockets. Thus ensuring natural movement of the body in all working environments and positions.



The textile manufacturing process STONEYis used to give to a new garment a unique colour and characteristic. The stone wash helps to improve the softness and flexibility of the fibres.



This technology improves the visibility of workers at night and in low-light conditions, through the use of reflective materials of the highest quality. 3M™SCOTCHLITE™is synonymous of innovation and safety for people wearing U-POWER clothes.



YKK® zips are a guarantee of endurance, smoothness and ease of use. They suit and fit any application by providing versatility and resistance to any stress. You may appreciate the functionality of a garment for work, also from the quality of the accessories employed.



A highly technological fabric developed to guarantee maximum resistance to abrasions, cuts, tears and perforations, it is also light and easy to maintain. CORDURA®is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.



LYCRA®is a synthetic fibre-stretch, patented by DuPont. This fibre can be used in all types of fabrics and combined with all other fibres, both natural and synthetic. It can stretch up to seven times its length and then return to its original size unchanged. It does not lose any of its characteristics even when washed frequently. For this reason, the garments made in LYCRA®maintain their comfort for a long time and constantly follow and adapt themselves with the movement of the body.



The fibres used in the fabric COOLMAX® drive and guide the perspiration from the body to the surface of the garment allowing it to evaporate quickly. At the same time, these fibres offer maximum breathability, even when wet. This technology makes the clothes feel more comfortable, stay drier longer and improves durablity.



The THERMOLITE® coating, in addition to its lightness, gives more insulation and facilitates moisture evaporation. The THERMOLITE® coating, thanks to the technology of DuPont hollow fibre offers superior performance in addition to softness and comfort.



FREE SOUND is created for practicality in everyday life. U-POWER clothes have a system of soft silicone that allows your earphones to pass through the jacket from the inside pocket, ensuring tangle free cables and reducing potential damage.



The PA microfiber structure retains unique properties of breathability, quick drying and soft hand touch resulting in a superior comfort. Furthermore its high covering-power and tenacity make the socks particularly lightweight and durable. Knitted with a specific terry structure the socks gain strong thermal insulation properties suitable for the coldest environments.



Composition of eco-friendly fabric, respectful of nature and the environment, obtained by the transformation of scraps into recycled yarns, for a considerable saving in terms of environmental impact.


Elastic membrane

U-TEX is a TPU membrane (Thermoplastic Polyurethane): elastic in 4 directions, super light, ultrathin, resistant to oil and grease, with great properties of breathability and water resistance.


Elasticated fabric

U-4 is an elasticated fabric that stretches in 4 directions allowing full freedom of movement. Tear resistant and pleasantly soft on the skin, it is a fabric that moves with the body offering a high level of comfort. Moreover, it dries quickly, is water repellent and highly breathable.